Tedbly's artwork as a toy in Freddy's Forever Festival, being held by a child Aster
Vital statistics
Position Anti-Freddy
Age born in 2013
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5
Weight Unknown

Tedbly is Freddy's main enemy. They have been worst enemies ever since they were both created. Tedbly is a red teddy bear with a black cap. He isn't very confident either, and doesn't plan things out well. He is usually just busy wanting revenge on Freddy for his evilness.

Tedbly teams up with the player in Freddy's Forever Festival. It is explained that Tedbly was created by a scientist called Aster in an experiment to make an "Anti-Freddy". Tedbly eventually encountered Freddy after spending over a year locked up. He later got set free by accident and built himself a home.