Neko looked around the Showstage at the smiling children.She was waiting for Freddy and didn't know what to do afraid started singing Ah it's a wonderful cat's life!" Freddy then came onstage after Neko finished . "Heya Kids we have a new animatronic joining us here today!" "Yay!!" the group of kids shouted "And his name is Tricky!" Freddy Shouted


"Hello Tricky!" the group of kids shouted

Tricky ignored them and started singing ME!ME!ME!

then Neko joined in after that was over

every animatronic went back to their rooms. Neko decided to play the legend of zelda along with Tricky. They then fell asleep together which suprised both of them when they woke up. Nellie the Narwhal checked the curtain to see if the kids are ready to see Foxy. "They're all set, Captain!" Said the young narwhal.Foxy grinned. "Hey, shouldn't Foxy be out now?", asked Mike, one of the security guards. Foxy soon watched the kids and security guard walk around in confusion. Meanwhile Neko and Tricky walked to the show stage together and started singing J-POP and Vocaloid songs. Normally they went to go play video games afterward but this time, Neko went to Toy Chica's bedroom. {OPEN RP}