Neko the cat is my fnaf oc and she is a cat animatronic.she is very kindhearted towards children during the  day time.And also has a nightmare version and a phantom version aswell.


she is a pink cat animatronic that wears a black tie around her neck.

Neko the Cat
Neko The Cat pictured Above
Vital statistics
Position Singer
Age 11 when stuffed in suit programmed to be 19
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 5 feet
Weight 190 KB when stuffed/93 KB when Alive
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she only jumpscares you after/when your power runs out.


. neko's name means cat in japanese

.  she has the same occupation as her sister

. children can request songs in Japanese .she is the second spring lock animatronic.she has no endoskeleton

More Info About Neko

  • She has a cupcake just like chica and toy chica, but the frosting is purple-ish Blue-ish
  • She also spends alot of time on the computer/ or gaming console
  • She is the other spring-lock animatronic besides springtrap

my fnaf oc neko the cat anime version