Golden kuma is g. freddy and Mannon's daughter and kuma's cousin. She has been in the pizzeria 2 yrs now.


She has a very vague backstory. And she only knows so very little of her cousin Kuma Fazbear also she knows that she once had a younger sister that died beacause of a sickness (don't comment on this please). Also she doesn't seem to like life in the pizzeria and attempted to escape while her parents were asleep but g. freddy caught her trying to escape .

Golden Kuma the bear
Golden Kuma pictured above
Vital statistics
Position Singer at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
Age 2 years old
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 3 feet
Weight 130 KB
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" Papa goldie why can't i leave the pizzeria T.T?"

"Papa goldie i am tired "

"Papa goldie could you please tuck me in pwease?"