Neko looked around the pizzeria scared,not knowing what to do ran into chica's room. "Hey Neko!" Chica exclaimed at once. oh "H-Hai." Neko replied back. Meanwhile, In pirate's cove, A female seal named Sally stared at Foxy, Who was sitting in the corner. "Hey, Captain, What's wrong?", asked Sally. "Leave me alone...", mumbled Foxy. Neko looked around Chica's room suprisingly it was clean and all the pizza boxes were gone "what's wrong?" asked Chica "N-Nothing!" Said Neko. Chica noticed something staring at her, but she tried to ignore it. Chica didn't like the feeling of being watched by this creature,demon or whatever it was. She was pretty sure Neko was scared and was trying to warn her. She looked back at the Creature, It moved towards her only to find it was actually Tricky.

"TRICKY!"Screamed Chica. "yes Chica?!" Tricky Replied back

"Y-You scared us...." Said Chica

"Oh yeah sorry about that heh......" Said Tricky

"W-Why?" Said Neko

" I-I was going to give you back something..." Said Tricky


@Myebi 2
@Myebi 2