cookie the bear anime version

Cookie The Bear is my Enimies fnaf oc and she is madly in love with both Fredric (toy Freddy) and Freddy  

Cookie The Bear
Cookie pictured Above
Vital statistics
Position Former Singer At Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
Age 10 before stuffed programmed to be 20
Status Banned From Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
Physical attributes
Height 4 feet
Weight 290 KB when stuffed/98 pounds before stuffed
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  • she is nice to her friends but is rude and snobby to people she doesn't like 
  • and though she may look adorable in that picture she is a complete jerk to me and my friends including my sister    


  • (Freddy) Is Madly in love with him (and sometimes calls him Freddles and My little freddy bear )
  • (Neko) Hates, Loathes , Is really jealous of me 
  • (Maka) Thinks is a terrible person, A Terrible teacher/mentor and thinks that that is where my (SO- CALLED) terrible behaviour and personality come from 
  • (Toy Freddy ) Loves, Is madly in love with 
  • (Springtrap) Wanted to marry , Mad at and Tried to kill both me & him


" Come Back here Freddles "

" Aghh why did you get to marry springtrap?"

"Awwe Thanks Freddles!"

"Get back here Neko!"